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The Attic Clean out

Let’s talk about the attic – that mystical place you live under!

Sure, you have a pretty good idea of what is up there. Do you, though?

“Well, we definitely have an idea of what is in the five- foot radius of the attic stairs. Oh, and we also have the holiday decorations and some old luggage from our honeymoon. I think there is baby crib up there. Ugh! Who knows? It’s so hot up there and it has all that insulation. We know a few spiders live up there.That’s for sure! Let’s just ignore the attic for now.”

Fast forward fifteen years…

“We really should clean out the attic. But where do we start?”

I am sure that gave you a little chuckle, but the truth is most people have that same internal conversation with themselves when it comes to cleaning out the attic. To be honest, it really is a hassle – crawling around on your knees, or even worse, balancing on the beams and hoping you don’t fall through the ceiling. Let’s face it, chances are there isn’t going to be a perfectly placed bunk bed to catch you like we have all seen in the famous Chevy Chase comedy “Christmas Vacation.”

falling through the attic has to be pretty scary. Clark was lucky to have that bed.
This image is property of National Lampoon films.

The Attic Cleanout Solution

Let me explain the Attic cleanout.

As a result of my years of experience with hundreds of attic clean outs, I have created a system that allows our clients to see every single thing that is in their attics without ever having to climb a stair or ladder.

First, we use heavy duty canvas drop clothes on the main area below the stairs. Second, we designate a staging area in the house and use the same type of drop cloths in that area. Third, our team will remove the items from the attic and bring them to the staging area. This is where you get to look at and look through every single item. It’s a pretty simple process. It either goes back up in the attic, goes to another area in the home, or gets tossed in our truck. Once the attic is cleaned out, we take a short video of the attic and show it to you for your approval. Bam! Attic is clean and you didn’t even have to climb a ladder.


If you are in need of an attic cleanout, give us a call. We will come out, take a look at the attic and discuss pricing with you for no charge. If you decide that our price fits your budget, we schedule a date and get the work done!

 I hope this post gives you a little insight in to how easy we can make this process for you. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,
Paul DeLalla
Rockland and Bergen Cleanouts

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  1. I am in need of an attic clean out. I know you come to give estimates at no charge. But can you give me a range of how much this type of service usually costs. I dont want to waste your time to come out if there is no way I can afford right now.

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